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Discover Alaska Lecture: Alaska’s Changing Environment


Rick Thoman, Alaska climate specialist with IARC's Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy, will give a Discover Alaska Lecture. The hour long TV broadcast will focus on Alaska's Changing Environment, where we've been and where we're going.

Alaska Voices launch party

Dreaming of traveling and seeing new places? Why not explore Alaska through the stories of Alaskans, from the safety and comfort of your own home? The Alaska Voices podcast launches May 7. Hear stories of science, growing up, rural life, field work, parenting, tribal identity, climate change and much more. Join the production team for…

Gardening in the Arctic

Virtually on Zoom

Join the International Arctic Research Center for this month’s virtual IARC Salon on making the most of your Alaskan garden this summer. There will be a Q&A after the panel discussion. Panelists:  Nancy Fresco Research professor, climate expert at the UAF Scenarios Network for Alaska + Arctic Planning. Helped create the Garden Helper Tool to…

Arctic Observing Summit (100% online)

Join the 2020 Arctic Observing Summit for their biennial summit held in conjunction with Arctic Science Summit Week. This year's summit will be held 100% online using primarily the zoom platform.

Thesis defense: cryospheric hazard planning & response

Join IARC for Dina Abdel-Fattah's PhD defense on cryospheric hazard planning and response in Alaska. Dina is advised by Sarah Trainor. Join remotely via Zoom. Dissertation title: Stakeholder needs and information use in cryospheric hazard planning and response: case studies from Alaska Dissertation abstract: The global cryosphere is experiencing rapid change, which potentially impacts the…

Project defense: thermokarst modeling

UAF Duckering building, room 535

Join IARC for Rawser Spicer’s master’s defense on thermokarst modeling. Rawser is co-advised by Bob Bolton and Orion Lawlor, UAF computer science department. Project title: Examining thermokarst initiation with random forest models

Stories from MOSAiC

Join the International Arctic Research Center for this month’s IARC Salon featuring scientists Rob Rember and Marc Oggier. The pair will speak about their sea ice research on the historic Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (MOSAIC) expedition. Rember and Oggier recently returned from four months in the central Arctic Ocean on…

IAB Life Science Seminar: Climate science in the news

Murie Auditorium 2090 Koyukuk St, Fairbanks

Kristin Timm, postdoctoral candidate in science communication and a research assistant at the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University, will present “Climate science in the news: How the fourth National Climate Assessment was covered by the U.S. media.". This talk is part of the Institute of Arctic Biology’s Life Science Seminar Series.…

IAB Life Science Seminar: Surface water in northern permafrost

Murie Auditorium 2090 Koyukuk St, Fairbanks

Erin Trochim, postdoctoral fellow at the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center at the International Arctic Research Center, will present “Surface Water Distribution and Change in Northern Hemisphere Permafrost” on Friday, Jan. 31, at 4 p.m. in the Murie Building auditorium. This talk is part of the IAB Life Science Seminar Series. Please visit the event webpage…

Improving climate change coverage in news

Join the International Arctic Research Center for January's research salon panel discussion on working together to improve climate change coverage in the news. Hear perspectives from a journalist, a climate scientist and a communication scientist: Lois Parshley– investigative magazine journalist covering the intersection of geopolitics and science. Currently the Snedden Chair of Journalism at the University of Fairbanks,…

Warming of the Chukchi slope through the Barrow Canyon outflow in winter 2016-2017

Seminar by visiting scientist Satoshi Kimura, a physical oceanographer at JAMSTEC Arctic Ocean and Climate System Research Group. The talk title is, The warming of the Chukchi slope through the Barrow Canyon outflow in the 2016-2017 winter. ABSTRACT: While a substantial portion of the Pacific-origin waters flows through Barrow Canyon in the northeast corner of…

Water Day at IARC

Akasofu lobby

People of all ages are invited to the International Arctic Research Center to learn about water. Undergraduate students in the class Introduction to Watershed Management (NRM 370) will lead fun, hands-on, mind-on exploration of models and games that relate to watersheds. The public activities will take place from 1:30 - 2:30 pm in the Akasofu…

Alaska’s 2019 extended wildfire season

Join the International Arctic Research Center for October’s research salon panel discussion on Alaska's 2019 extended wildfire season. Hear perspectives from Uma Bhatt, Joe Little and Nancy Fresco. Light refreshments will be provided. IARC Salon is a monthly seminar series coordinated annually by one of IARC's students. For more information contact this year's graduate student…

Climate Physics Journal Club – Dynamical downscaling for Southeast Alaska: A look at precipitation metrics

Akasofu 501 2160 Koyukuk Dr, Fairbanks

Presenter: Rick Lader, Postdoctoral Fellow, Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center Southeast Alaska has been under drought conditions for the past two years, with precipitation deficits of greater than 100 cm in some locations. These conditions have impacted hydropower electricity generation, fish habitat and forest health. Given the region’s extreme topographical gradients, newly produced dynamically downscaled…

Response of major modes of eastern Arctic Ocean variability to climate change

Join IARC for Till Baumann’s PhD thesis defense titled response of major modes of eastern Arctic Ocean variability to climate change. Till is advised by Igor Polyakov. Abstract: The Arctic Ocean plays a central role in ongoing climate change, with sea-ice loss being the most prominent indicator. In recent years, an increased influence of Atlantic…

Women in Science Luncheon

Akasofu 501 2160 Koyukuk Dr, Fairbanks

Join the Association for Women in Science, Alaska Chapter for an Alaska-themed potluck with Katharine Hayhoe. Katharine isa world-renowned climate scientist. She served as a lead author for the NationalClimate Assessments and was named one of FORTUNE’s world’s greatest leaders. Join her for potluck lunch and a discussion of: Obstacles as a woman scientist and…

Climate change: from cutting-edge science to innovative solutions

Salisbury Theatre 1718 Tanana Drive, Fairbanks

About the speaker- Dr. Katharine Hayhoe is a climate scientist who served as a lead author for the National Climate Assessments under the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations. She also is the director of Texas Tech’s Climate Science Center. Join her on September 9 for a public lecture as she shares her perspectives on climate…


Microbiome and subducted carbon vulnerability in Arctic permafrost soils

Akasofu 401

Arctic permafrost soils contain about half of the global soil organic C (approx. 1300 Pg). One third of this C is stored in subducted organic matter (cryoOM) by the cryoturbation processes.We here present results from the Arctic project that aimed at identifying the role of microbial functioning for OM decomposition in cryoturbated soils (Siberia, Greenland,…

ST Lee Young Scientist Exchange Lecture – Anthropogenic forcing: effects on extreme glacier mass-loss

This lecture is part of the S.T. Lee Young Scientist Exchange with Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Visiting scientist: Lauren Vargo Talk overview: Glaciers are unique indicators of climate change, and extreme glacier mass loss is becoming more common globally. While decadal glacier decline has been attributed to anthropogenic forcing, direct links between anthropogenic…

Workshop: Arctic Change and Extreme Weather & Climate

Sheraton Anchorage Hotel 401 E 6th Ave, Anchorage

The goal of this workshop was to synthesize current knowledge and coordinate future research efforts to improve understanding of Arctic influence on extreme climate and weather.

Association for Women in Science talk: field research meets rural Alaska

Akasofu 501 2160 Koyukuk Dr, Fairbanks

The Association for Women in Science, Alaska Chapter (AWIS-AK) invites you to their brown-bag meeting.  Speaker: Dr. Alexis Will, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National Institute of Polar Research, Japan.  Topic: Field research meets rural Alaska: mistakes, missteps, and moments of "aha!" Please bring a story or advice to share from your own experience working…

Coast survey’s operations in Alaska

Seminar by Bart Buesseler, Navigation Manager for the NOAA Office for Coast Surveys (OCS) about the operations that NOAA OCS conducts in Alaska. Topics: How are survey areas identified and selected?What kinds of data are acquired?What standards are used?What opportunities exist for collaboration?  Download presentation (PDF)

Arctic Research Open House

Join us for an open house showcasing UAF Arctic research. Walk between numerous facilities to learn about current projects and meet scientists in climate science, geoscience, natural resources, social science and engineering. Tasty treats will be available from Blue Flame Street Side food truck. Free parking. Families welcome.

IARC Salon- Communicating your science to the press

Please join the International Arctic Research Center for our May IARC Salon – Communicating your science to the press. Come hear perspectives and insights from: Ravenna Koenig - reporter at Alaska's Energy Desk, formerly with NPR Weekend EditionRick Thoman - Alaska climate specialist, regular contributor for KNOM, KDLG, KUAC, Nome Nugget; 441 media hits in…

Climate Physics Journal Club- Arctic warming amplification & arctic-lower latitude linkages

Presenter: Xiangdong Zhang. Surface air temperature increase has been amplified in the Arctic. However, the sparse observational network limits accurate estimates of Arctic warming. There is uncertainty in global warming rate, including the period of so-called “hiatus” from 1998-2012 as indicated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report (IPCC AR5).

IARC Salon-Fostering an effective research environment for early-career researchers

Please join the International Arctic Research Center for our April IARC Salon – Fostering an effective research environment for early-career researchers. Come hear perspectives and insights from Rich Collins, Associate Director Geophysical Institute; Vladimir Alexeev, research professor International Arctic Research Center; William Simpson, snow chemist Geophysical Institute;  Syndonia Bret-Harte, ecosystem ecologist Institute of Arctic Biology.…

Lecture: Dante’s 9th circle of hell is ice

Something to keep in mind when studying light and algae in polar ocean ecosystems  Samuel Laney, PhDAssociate Scientist, Biology Dept, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Numerous unusual aspects of marine photosynthetic ecology are found in polar oceans, one of which is the spatial juxtaposition of two distinctly different algal ecosystems: those living in sea ice, and…

IARC Salon- Conservation of Arctic ecosystems

Akasofu 417

Please join the International Arctic Research Center for our March IARC Salon – Conservation of Arctic marine ecosystems. Come hear perspectives and insights from Nicole Misarti of the Water and Environmental Research Center and marine ecologists Donna Hauser of IARC and Gay Sheffield of Nome Sea Grant. Light refreshments will be served.

IARC Salon- Project leadership & management in research

Please join the International Arctic Research Center for our first IARC Salon this semester – Project leadership & management in research. Come hear perspectives and insights from Pips Veazey, Alaska EPSCoR; Michael Castellini, UAF Graduate School and UArctic; and Rosemary Madnick, Office of Grants and Contracts Administration. Light refreshments will be served.

Science for Alaska Lecture: Will defrosting the “icebox” lead to more summer wildfires in Alaska?

Raven Landing Center 1222 Cowles St., Fairbanks

Randi Jandt will give a Science for Alaska lecture titled Will defrosting the "icebox" lead to more summer wildfires in Alaska? Jandt is an ecologist from the Alaska Fire Science Consortium, based at University of Alaska-Fairbanks' International Arctic Research Center.  She has a MS in Wildlife Management from UAF and 30 yrs field experience in Alaska…

My 60-year research life at UAF

Syun-Ichi Akasofu will give a presentation on his research philosophy Thursday, Jan. 24, from 1-2 p.m. in Akasofu 401. “My research begins when I find observed facts which are inconsistent, contradictory or wrong in well-established theories,” he said. A professor emeritus of physics, Akasofu was the director of the Geophysical Institute from 1986 to 1999 and…

IARC First Friday

Akasofu lobby

Join us for First Friday at the International Arctic Research Center in the Akasofu Building lobby. Artists include researchers, staff and friends of UAF West Ridge research groups. North Star String will provide live music starting at 3:15 pm. Contributors include: Hot Time in Cold Places by Margaret Rudolf and Matthew Sturm Chukchi Ecosystem Observatory by…

IARC salon: Communicating science at AGU

Join us for the December IARC Salon seminar on science communication at AGU. Experienced presenters John Walsh and Ned Rozell will give tips and tricks for giving a great science talk. John Walsh Ned Rozell There will also be time to get tips and feedback on your AGU flash talk or poster spiel

IARC Salon: Mental health in the sciences

The November IARC Salon, IARC salon- mental health, will take place Thursday, Nov. 15, from 2-3 p.m. in Akasofu 401. Come hear perspectives and insights from Kaja Brix, Jessie Young-Robertson and Gunnar Ebbesson on mental health in a science career. Questions during the event are strongly encouraged and welcomed. Light refreshments will be served. For those who…

IARC Salon- Using social media in the sciences

Please join the International Arctic Research Center for our first IARC Salon this academic year - Using social media in the sciences. Come hear how Brian Brettschneider, Rick Thoman, Kristin Timm, and Andrew Cassel use social media to further and support science communication and outreach. Light refreshments will be served.  

S.T. Lee Fellowship Presentation- Stratovolcano mapping and paleoclimate: a complementary story of lava and ice

Stratovolcanic deposits are potentially powerful paleoclimatic records: lavas can be radiometrically dated, lava geometries describe the thicknesses of ice masses at particular elevations, and water-supported deposits (e.g., hyaloclastites) describe subglacial ice structures. Although glaciovolcanism is not a new concept, it is underutilised in both stratovolcano mapping and paleoclimate studies. This talk looks beyond the well-known relationships between large volcanic eruptions and climatic response.

Chinese Academy of Science collaboration workshop 2018

The Arctic Cryosphere Changes and Their Impacts: Defining a Collaborative Research Agenda workshop focused on collaboration and science plan development between UAF-IARC and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Workshop presentations now available.

National Institute of Polar Research seminar

IARC is hosting a seminar with the National Institute of Polar Research of Japan. In this presentation, activities of NIPR will be introduced together with recent research topics. Various opportunities for international research collaborations will also be addressed.

Arctic climate change: Alternative futures

While changes of sea ice and air temperature have received widespread media coverage, other changes in the cryosphere and the broader Arctic environment have been synthesized in recent assessment reports.

UAV applications in the Arctic

Akasofu 417 2160 Koyukuk Dr, Fairbanks

IARC’s March Research Salon Series Seminar will explore unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Come learn about connecting machine and science to tell a story that you couldn’t tell before.

Arctic Science Summit Week 2016

Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW) is an annual gathering of international organizations involved in Arctic research. It is designed to strengthen collaborations across academia, government agencies, local communities, industry, non-governmental organizations and other Arctic stakeholders. The 2016 Summit was held in Fairbanks, Alaska, USA and included ASSW Business Meetings, the Arctic Council Senior Arctic Officials…

Japan-U.S. Arctic Strategy and Policy Workshop 2015

Based on the increasingly urgent need for scientific understanding and rational policies to guide Arctic decision making, investment, and development, the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) and the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) convened a Japan-U.S. Arctic Strategy and Policy Workshop during the first week of March, 2015. This workshop explored topics of…

Arctic Climate Impact Assessments 2000-2005

Climate variability and change, and more recently, notable increases in UV radiation, have become important issues in the Arctic region over the past few decades. These issues have also prevailed in the international scientific and political scene for over a decade through major programs of scientific research (e.g., WCRP), through intergovernmental assessments (e.g., AMAP, IPCC, and WMO), and through international treaties, protocols and conventions.

Bering Sea Impact Study 1995-1999

Our assessment of the impacts of climate change in Alaska and the Bering Sea region started in 1995 and has now spanned a period of almost five years, with workshops taking place each year. In 1995 our first workshop was on “Preparing for an Uncertain Future: Impacts of Short- and Long-Term Climate Change on Alaska.”…