Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing Alaska today.

Severe weather extremes, threatened infrastructure and food security concerns are troubling Arctic residents.

Your support of climate change research can make a difference.

Help us make a difference

IARC research responds to the challenges of our times, helping bring hope to Alaskans through trusted climate change science and partnering for place-based adaptation planning.

In responding to these needs, IARC engages the next generation of scientists by inspiring teachers, K-12 students, early career professionals, and other knowledge holders to learn about the changes taking place in the Arctic, share their knowledge, and explore ways to investigate, talk about, and adapt to change.

Your gift helps IARC continue with our vision to make a difference through research that is:

  • Useful and actionable
  • Creates a deeper understanding
  • Grounded in place
  • Inclusive and diverse
  • Innovative and skillful
  • Collaborative

Thank you for supporting our climate research!

Ways to give

Alaska Climate Research Makes a Difference Fund

Gifts help improve the lives of Alaskans needing science-based solutions. With your support, IARC scientists can:

  • Nimbly respond to needs of Alaskans adapting to climate change
  • Build strong collaborative relationships with Indigenous communities, private sector, agency partners, and policy makers
  • Bring trusted climate change information to public venues 
  • Engage students in meaningful climate change research

The IARC Fund

Gifts help support early-career scientists, students, and faculty at the International Arctic Research Center. The fund allows IARC investigators to pursue new and emerging research and outreach activities for which funds are not available from other sources.

IARC builds bridges between local, national and global communities to foster collaborative approaches in advancing the study of the Arctic in a global context. With your support, IARC researchers and students can:

  • Bring together world class scientists for collaborative research projects
  • Work with other institutions around the world towards a common goal of understanding Arctic climate change
  • Respond quickly to pressing questions that call for science input
  • Involve local communities around Alaska in research such as monitoring coastal areas, permafrost and snowfall