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The Akasofu Building (far left) is located on the West Ridge of the UAF campus. (UAF photo by Todd Paris)

We serve as a focal point for integrating Arctic research efforts in terms of climate change. IARC builds bridges between local, national and global communities to foster communication and further the research being done in Arctic climate change:

  • We bring  together world class scientists for collaborative research projects
  • We work with other institutions around the world towards a common goal of understanding Arctic climate change
  • We involve local communities around Alaska in research such as permafrost and snowfall monitoring

IARC researchers help educate the next generation of scientists while inspiring K-12 teachers and students to learn about the changes taking place in the Arctic, by teaching them how to measure and investigate these changes in our education and outreach programs.

Your gift will help IARC to continue with our vision to build an integrated understanding of the Arctic, as a system. Today, the Arctic climate is changing rapidly and Arctic system research is of utmost importance.

Please consider a gift to support our research.

The IARC Fund helps support faculty, early-career scientists, and students at the International Arctic Research Center. The fund allows IARC investigators to undertake research, development, and outreach activities for which funds are not available from other sources.