About IARC

uaf's west ridge

Aerial photo of UAF's West Ridge, with the Akasofu Building at upper right. (UAF photo by Todd Paris)

We foster Arctic research to help the nation and the world understand, prepare for, and adapt to the pan-Arctic impacts of climate change.

Established in 1999, IARC supports Arctic research, coordination, and communication to help the nation and the world understand, prepare for, and adapt to the impacts of climate change in the Arctic and beyond. Learn more about our history

We analyze, synthesize and provide Arctic climate information, including Arctic Ocean hydrographic information for scientists, students, decision-makers, and the public

We support and coordinate Arctic System Modeling, by providing a nexus for model validation and assessment and by exploratory development of new component modules

We serve as an Arctic Climate Science Coordination Center through international project offices, secretariat functions, workshops, and collaborations with international scientists and institutions.

By the numbers

Collaborations: 107 scientists, analysts, students, and professional staff with interests that span physical, biological and social sciences.

Arctic study: 150 research projects that investigate all elements of the arctic system, including ocean, ice, atmosphere, land, and society.

Giving back: For every $1.00 invested in IARC by the state of Alaska, we earn $4.00 through competitive research grants, partnerships and other contracts.

Statement on Diversity and Inclusivity

At IARC, we value a culture of inclusion that leverages the research, educational and institutional benefits of diversity, and engages all individuals to help each thrive. Our strength and success as a research institute and university are built on the foundation of a wide range of perspectives and experiences.