About IARC projects

Projects are shorter-term research efforts involving IARC personnel and colleagues from a variety of organizations. Funding may be from a mix of federal, state, and other sources such as the National Science Foundation and State of Alaska, as well as from foundations and other grant entities. See our long-term collaborations and initiatives.

Alaska Arctic Observatory and Knowledge Hub
Alaska Arctic Observatory and Knowledge Hub

AAOKH supports information exchange and environmental observations of cryosphere change by Inupiat experts in coastal communities.

Funding comes from Communty Service Payments made by a corporate defendant convicted in 2014 of federal and maritime crimes.

Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy
Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy

ACCAP’s work encompasses the entire state of Alaska. ACCAP partners with stakeholders to inform realistic community plans and climate adaptation strategies using the most scientifically accurate, reliable, and up-to-date information.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center
Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center

The AK CASC works to increase our understanding of how Alaska’s ecosystems and resources are responding to a changing climate. This is done by building partnerships between academic scientists, state and federal agency scientists, resource managers, tribal leaders, and decision makers.

United States Geological Service

Alaska Fire Science Consortium
Alaska Fire Science Consortium

The AFSC strengthens the link between fire science research and on-the-ground application in Alaska by promoting communication between managers and scientists, providing an organized fire science delivery platform, and facilitating collaborative scientist-manager research development.

Joint Fire Science Program

submarine coming up through ice
ICEX Sea Ice Support

The United States Navy’s ICEX, or Ice Exercise, is a biennial exercise conducted above the Arctic Circle. UAF personnel assist Ukpeagvik Iñupiat Corporation’s support of ICEX by contributing a team of specialized subject matter experts in fields related to drifting sea ice camps.

United States Navy

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Ikaaġvik Sikukun—Ice Bridges

Ikaaġvik Sikukun—Iñupiaq for ice bridges—is a multi-year research project in Kotzebue, Alaska that connects the community with scientists to understand how sea ice, ocean physics and marine mammals are changing in Kotzebue Sound.

The Moore Foundation

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Research Networking Activities for Sustained Coordinated Observations of Arctic Change (CoObs RNA)

We will support coastal and marine food security for Arctic residents and meet research needs. We will also improve coordination among observing activities in support of shared societal benefits.

National Science Foundation, with in-kind support from NOAA Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing Program, Arctic Institute of North America, and the Pew Charitable Trusts