About the Series

The Alaska's Changing Environment series documents change through observations

In this series, we share observations of physical and biological change in and around Alaska. The series is geared toward a general audience and uses plain language, graphics and photos to communicate.

The first and namesake of the series, Alaska's Changing Environment, was released in 2019 and shares evidence of changing temperature, sea ice, glaciers, permafrost, plants, animals and oceans. Since that inaugural publication, regional and topical versions have been created. They focus on changes in the Yukon Flats, Bering Sea and wildfire.

Alaskas Changing Environment_cover

Climate Change in Arctic Environments MOOC

In 2021, we launched a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) exploring Climate Change in Arctic Environments. The MOOC provides a well rounded perspective on the impacts of change across atmospheric, marine, terrestrial and human systems. Like Alaska's Changing Environment, the course makes the knowledge from leading climate change experts more accessible.

Alaska's Changing Environment and our MOOC are led by IARC climate experts Rick Thoman and John Walsh with science communications support from Heather McFarland and Mike DeLue. Through these products we aim to provide sound scientific information that is well vetted, identifies the big picture issues, and synthesized into digestible formats.