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Climate Change 101

Climate change is happening in Alaska. It is affecting us all. Let’s work together to create positive strategies to adapt. Learn to gather up-to-date, scientific and community-based knowledge about future changes. Develop skills for communicating these changes to others.   UAF climate change researchers and communications experts are offering a hands-on, climate change workshop to address climate change questions. Environmental…

UAF Arctic Research Open House

In conjunction with the Alaska National Lab Day, 11 Arctic research facilities will open their doors to the public. “The coolest part of my job is coming in the morning and seeing where there were earthquakes last night and whether anyone felt them,” explains Helena Buurman at the Alaska Earthquake Center. This is one of…

Visit IARC’s Arctic Introduction Center

Visit the Arctic Introduction Center in the lobby of the Akasofu building on UAF’s West Ridge and get a glimpse into the dynamic state of the Arctic. IARC does not offer tours of the building, but visitors are welcome to explore the center, which displays the abundance of research being done at IARC and highlights all elements of the Arctic.

Welcome to the new IARC website!

After months of development, the IARC web design & development team presents an updated website for IARC. This includes:

Realignment — we’ve reorganized content to better communicate IARC activities and aid discovery

Redesign — we’ve strengthened our branding and information architecture to provide a better user experience