Alaska CASC annual report released

Shows the front page of the AK CASC 2021 annual report.

Over the course of each year the Alaska Climate Adaptation Science Center works with federal, state, and Alaska Native partners to provide actionable research on local-scale climate scenarios, wildfire patterns, and more. To communicate their activities an annual report full of stories and details on CASC projects over the past year is produced and is now available for 2021.

In this year’s report you’ll read about the establishment of the Tribal Resilience Learning Network, how climate scenarios are developed for planning agencies and partners with local needs in mind, and the beta testing of a new fire behavior prediction application. You’ll also learn about how CASC student-led research in Juneau is helping connect the stories of changing hydrological patterns and retreating glaciers to nutrient flow in streams.

The report also spotlights CASC fellow Julian Dann, and BIA Pathways intern Alexis Wagner.

You can access the report online here, or download the interactive pdf here. The CASC has also produced an audio version of the report.