ICEX Sea Ice Support

submarine coming up through ice

The United States Navy’s ICEX, or Ice Exercise, is a biennial exercise conducted above the Arctic Circle in cooperation with other branches of the military, government agencies, allied partners, private organizations, and academic institutions.

ICEX provides submarines the opportunity to train in an operationally demanding and challenging environment, as well as an opportunity for scientific studies on ice thickness and the environment.

How UAF assists ICEX

UAF personnel assist Ukpeagvik Iñupiat Corporation’s support of ICEX by contributing a team of specialized subject matter experts in fields related to drifting sea ice camps.

The UAF off-ice decision support team is comprised of experts in sea ice mechanics and dynamics with decades of on-ice experience in the Alaska Beaufort Sea, including ice camps dating back to 1991. Expertise includes:

  • physics of drifting sea ice
  • remote ice-based field operations
  • advanced analysis of satellite data
  • weather and climate forecasting
  • scenarios planning