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Working towards a more diverse and inclusive IARC

IARC is working towards creating a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and respectful environment that welcomes everyone, values multiple types of knowledge and engages all individuals to help each thrive. As part of this effort, the IARC Diversity and Inclusivity statement was developed. The statement is a living document designed to help guide our institution. Requests also…

Monitoring climate change from space, one leaf at a time

A new Japanese satellite will monitor global climate change and the health of the Earth, from space. Scientists are now validating the satellite by gathering and measuring thousands of leaves from around the world, a feat possible only through international collaboration. As plants grow, they use the sun’s energy to convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and…

IARC scientist awarded $1.25 million to develop a carbon seaglider

IARC’s Claudine Hauri and Andrew McDonnell, College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, were awarded a $1.25M grant from the National Science Foundation for the development and operation of a new autonomous Carbon Seaglider. The Carbon Seaglider will be capable of adaptively sampling carbon dioxide concentrations and other oceanographic parameters throughout the coastal environment and will be…

Alaska teacher to join international Arctic research expedition

Oceanographers at the University of Alaska Fairbanks International Arctic Research Center embark this week for a 55-day research expedition in the eastern Arctic Ocean. This year, Fairbanks elementary school teacher Moira O’Malley will join the team. “I am ecstatic about this opportunity,” O’Malley said. O’Malley will write a daily blog, providing updates that are exciting, fun,…

Congress holds maritime transportation in the Arctic hearing

International Arctic Research Center researcher and retired U.S. Coast Guard captain, Dr. Lawson Brigham, testified to Congress during the Maritime Transportation in the Arctic hearing this week. Brigham was called to testify on June 7 as part of the committee hearing addressing the United States’ lack of adequate infrastructure, research, and preparedness to accommodate increased maritime…

UAV applications in the Arctic

IARC’s March Research Salon Series Seminar will explore unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Come learn about connecting machine and science to tell a story that you couldn’t tell before. Guest speakers include: Eyal Saiet, Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Keith Cunningham, IARC You are welcome to bring your quiet lunch. Where: Akasofu building, 417 Date:…

Welcome to the new IARC website!

After months of development, the IARC web design & development team presents an updated website for IARC. This includes:

Realignment — we’ve reorganized content to better communicate IARC activities and aid discovery

Redesign — we’ve strengthened our branding and information architecture to provide a better user experience