Rick Thoman’s 100th NWS Climate Outlook Briefing 

Join the Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy for Rick Thoman’s 100th NWS Climate Outlook Briefing on Sept. 16 at noon. Register for the webinar online or join in person at Akasofu 407. A small celebration will be held after the webinar.

For eight years, Thoman has been giving the National Weather Service Climate Outlook Briefings and it is notable that he has never missed a month. The webinar series was started as a collaboration between the NWS and ACCAP, with the goal of providing relevant and specific climate data to Alaskans in an understandable format. 

Thoman’s background, and his continued communication efforts, have made him one of the most trusted sources of Alaska climate information. He worked for the NWS in the Alaska Region for over 30 years, received a master’s degree in Athabaskan Linguistics from UAF in 2004 and now serves as Climate Specialist for ACCAP.  Thoman has spent over 40 years fulfilling his 8th grade dream of being a meteorologist in Alaska. And, along the way, he achieved so much more. People can hear him on the radio, in local to national news, in a variety of webinars and on social media. He expertly uses each communication method to reach the people of Alaska and provide the information they need, when they need it.