IARC researchers and students are excited to participate in the 2020 American Geophysical Union fall meeting. We hope to connect virtually with our colleagues and friends. Join us for the following presentations and events. All times are shown in Alaska time.

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Wednesday, December 2

12:50Joanna YoungSix surprising ways glacier loss impacts humankindIgnite Talk

Monday, December 7

03:08 – 03:12Malinda ChaseLooking forward, looking back, while building resilience today: key elements in adaptation planning with Alaska Native communitiesTalk
17:06 – 17:10Hajo EickenThe Arctic Observing Summit as a mechanism to develop and link observing capacity from the local to the global scaleTalk

Tuesday, December 8

03:00 – 19:59Bob BoltonIdentification of regions susceptible to thermokarst initiation on the Alaska Arctic Coastal Plain using random forest modelsPoster
03:00 – 19:59Go IwahanaGeochemical characteristics of frozen active layer and near-surface permafrost in the Anaktuvuk River Fire scar, AlaskaPoster
03:00 – 19:59Yongwon KimUnderstory CO2 emissions in tussock tundra of Imnavait Creek, AlaskaPoster
04:54 – 04:58Kristin TImmOnline newspaper, television, radio, digital native, and partisan news coverage of the fourth National Climate AssessmentTalk
07:00 – 09:00 Rick Thoman, Alison York2020 Arctic Report CardPress Conference

Wednesday, December 9

03:00 – 19:59Donna HauserA co-production of knowledge approach to understand how sea ice loss constrains Indigenous hunting opportunities for traditional marine mammal resources in northwest AlaskaPoster
03:00 – 19:59Elizabeth FigusClimate change, knowledge co-production, and partnership in Kake, AlaskaPoster
03:00 – 19:59Josh JonesLong-term monitoring of Arctic shorefast sea ice along whale hunting trails at Utqiaġvik, AlaskaPoster
09:00 – 09:30Katie Spellman, Kristin Timm, Elena B SparrowGIFTs (great ideas for teaching) climate change in the undergraduate classroomConversation Pod
15:40 – 15:44Alison YorkBoundary spanning and co-production with management partners in Arctic/Boreal systems: lessons from 10 Years of the Alaska Fire Science ConsortiumTalk
18:28 – 18:32James WhiteUse of machine learning to characterize and predict wildfire activity in AlaskaTalk

Thursday, December 10

03:00 –
Elena B SparrowCultivating diversity, equity, inclusion and access within the International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to foster a caring, trusting and safe work environmentPoster
03:00 – 19:59Bob BuseyTools for generating positive team cohesion in high intensity field tripsPoster
03:00 – 19:59Bob BoltonDeveloping a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all our work, in all our places IIPoster Convener
03:00 – 19:59Kristin TImmScience and society: science communication practice, research, and reflection IVPoster Convener
06:00 – 07:00Bob BoltonDeveloping a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion in all our work, in all our places ITalk Convener
15:39 – 15:42Elena SparrowBroadening participation in community scientific endeavorsInvited Talk
18:00 – 19:00Kristin TImmScience and society: science communication practice, research, and reflection ITalk Convener

Friday, December 11

03:00 – 04:00Kristin TImmScience and society: science communication practice, research, and reflection IIeLightning Convener
03:00 – 19:59Nancy FrescoThe Alaska Garden Helper: a web tool addressing food security and climate changePoster
03:00 – 19:59Vladimir AlexeevTesting an implementation of WRF-hydro for the Chena River (AK) watershedPoster
03:07 – 03:11Katie SpellmanMoving from citizen science to stewardship action through scenarios storytellingTalk
03:16 – 03:20Marc OggierIce core studies of autumn-to-spring sea ice evolution at the MOSAiC floeTalk
03:25 – 03:28Bob BoltonHumanizing science by building bridges through shared conversation — The Alaska Voices ProjectTalk
15:00 – 16:00Kristin TImm, Rick ThomanScience and society: science communication practice, research, and reflection IIIeLightning
15:22 – 15:25Rick ThomanOld meets new at the cross of the continents: providing climate services in Western Alaska and the Bering Strait RegionTalk

Monday, December 14

03:00 – 19:59Bob BuseyAdding utility to automated snow depth measurements across a number of remote sites in subarctic and Arctic AlaskaPoster
18:00 – 18:04John WalshArctic cyclones: an impact-targeted assessment of trendsTalk
18:20 – 18:24Thomas BallingerFrequent winter 2020 storms over the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas continue recent trendTalk

Tuesday, December 15

03:00 – 19:59Zeke ZielDetecting temporal changes in land cover based on disturbance in AlaskaPoster
03:06 – 03:10Cecilia Borries StrigleApplying seasonal forecasts for summer fire weather outlooks in Alaska at a 3-month leadTalk
10:42 – 10:46Christi BuffingtonPerspectives, practitioners, and purpose: Infusing a pedagogy of place in an undergraduate watershed management courseTalk

Wednesday, December 16

03:00 – 19:59Alec BennettModeling future flooding extremes to explore unidentified risks in the ArcticPoster
03:00 – 19:59Sarah ThunbergSurface moisture budget of tundra and Boreal ecosystems in high latitudes: variations and driversPoster
07:30 – 07:34John WalshArctic climate change: sensitivities to the forcing scenario in CMIP6Invited Talk

Thursday, December 17

04:42 – 04:46Olivia LeeSpring sea ice forecasts and Bering Sea Indigenous marine mammal harvestsTalk
06:00 – 07:00Xiangdong ZhangArctic and midlatitude linkage: causes and effects ITalk Convener

See presentations by the Alaska Climate Adaption Science Center and explore other relevant sessions including those on Indigenous Knowledge and other Arctic-topics.