IARC volcanologist receives prestigious award

John Eichelberger was recently named one of two 2020 distinguished lecturers by the Geological Society of America’s Continental Scientific Drilling Division.

Eichelberger, Professor Emeritus at UAF’s International Arctic Research Center, is a world leader in volcanology. His passion focuses on scientific drilling on volcanoes and international collaboration.

At the forefront of the scientific drilling frontier, Eichelberger’s current research focuses on drilling to magma as a potential alternative energy source.

“If my magma project in Iceland works out, we’ll have a new, clean, renewable, small footprint, baseload source of energy,” said Eichelberger. “In fact, it would be the only source that is all those things.”

As a distinguished lecturer, Eichelberger will present, virtually, at over eight universities during the coming months.