Welcome to the new IARC website!

After months of development, the IARC web design & development team presents an updated website for IARC. This includes:

  • Realignment — we’ve reorganized content to better communicate IARC activities and aid discovery
  • Redesign — we’ve strengthened our branding and information architecture to provide a better user experience

The new website works on both mobile and desktop devices.

Website objectives

The IARC website is one piece of our communications strategy. The site serves to communicate that IARC is a vibrant research institution and a leader in:

  1. Science — IARC researchers—faculty, postdocs, students, and others—significantly contribute to Arctic knowledge.
  2. Service — IARC fosters Arctic research in an international setting to help the nation and the world understand, prepare for, and adapt to the impacts of climate change. One of IARC’s roles in this regard is to provide support and decision-making tools for community leaders, managers, and state and federal agencies.
  3. Education & Outreach — IARC scientists research formal and informal science education, and work with students and the community. Researchers are featured on the site in well-crafted stories that highlight new developments and “put a face” on IARC research.

New interactive directory


Screenshot of the new interactive personnel directory.

Major updates were made to the IARC personnel directory, which is heavily used by site visitors. We have spent a lot of time upgrading its functionality, including the ability to synchronize with the University of Alaska’s directory system.

The new IARC directory features photos of people and the ability to search for someone by name or expertise area. It’s linked from the new website, and now includes people from the IARC Group:

  • Alaska Climate Science Center (AK CSC)
  • Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy (ACCAP)
  • Alaska Fire Science Consortium (AFSC)
  • Cooperative Institute for Alaska Research (CIFAR)
  • Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning (SNAP)


If you have any feedback on the site, or if there is something you can’t find, we would like to know about it. We  invite you to use our 5-question feedback form to submit your anonymous comments. Thanks very much!