News from IARC

Explore Alaska science at the Arctic Research Open House

By Heather McFarland | May 12, 2021

The International Arctic Research Center is pleased to be co-host of the annual UAF Arctic Research Open House, a free, four-day event with both in-person and virtual activities suitable for…

Mother, scientist and superhero

By Heather McFarland | May 9, 2021

Much of my childhood was defined by Freckles. Not the tiny brown spots on my nose, although I had those too, rather a golden eagle. My parents were both scientists,…

icebreaker on sea ice

Icebreaker’s cyclone encounter reveals faster sea ice decline

By Heather McFarland | April 29, 2021

In August 2016 a massive storm on par with a Category 2 hurricane churned in the Arctic Ocean. The cyclone led to the third-lowest sea ice extent ever recorded. But…

Submit observations to improve river breakup forecasts

By Heather McFarland | April 23, 2021

Spring has arrived in Alaska, which means it is time to submit your observations of river ice breakup. Photos of changing ice conditions provide valuable information used by the National…

Bering Science report released

By Heather McFarland | April 8, 2021

The Bering Sea is experiencing many changes. Loss of sea ice and record high ocean and air temperatures continue to impact wildlife and all aspects of life for coastal communities.…