Understanding the Arctic as a System

Conference Rooms


319 401 407 417-2-332238565-1513889833627.png 501 lobby
Room Number 319 401 407 417 501 Lobby
Location 3rd floor. From elevator, Go L down corridor to end of corridor, on R. 4th floor opposite elevator 4th floor. From elevator, go L down corridor to Suite 406 to access room 407. 4th floor. From elevator, go R. 417 is 3rd door on L, across from restrooms. 5th floor Just inside front entrance of Akasofu Building
Room Occupancy 19 49 22 40 49 n/a
Tables / Chairs 1/10 12/49 4/20 8/30 12/49 5 round tables w/ chairs and new couch furniture
Videoconferencing No Yes No No No No
Multi-media projector and screen Sign out portable projector if needed. No screen; use whiteboard Double projectors & screens. DocCam projector is on podium; connect in-room computer via jumpdrive or laptop Portable projector on table, ready for use 82-inch LCD screen 85-inch LCD screen No
Wifi Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
VOIP conference phone number & capability (see IARC staff before meeting to sign out VOIP) Use room phone “Handsfree mute” speaker option (907) 474-2695. Sign out VOIP Soundstatation, use
port on S wall pillar
Use analog polycom room phone on table (907) 474-2448. Sign out VOIP Soundstation, use port front of room, E wall (907) 474-5554. Sign out VOIP Soundstation. Use port 5-2 N wall; port 5-3 W wall; or port 5-10 E
Room phone number (need OIT code for long-distance calls) (907) 474-2701 (907) 474-2695 (907) 474-2698 (907) 474-2448 (907) 474-5554 Two in area, call out only
Other amenities Tanberg smart podium and Hyperwall (see Matt Barkdull in 415L or x7281 for assistance). Portable whiteboard (bring dry erase markers) Electronic black-out shade controls are R of kitchenette. Do not move catering table.
Reservations Check 319 availability Check  401 availability Check  407 availability Check  417 availability Check 501 availability Check Lobby availability

Who can reserve a room

  • IARC-related scientific workshops and events
  • UAF departments
  • UAF-sponsored groups

We do not offer rooms for classes, social events, receptions, or vendors.

Room availability

8am–4pm, Monday–Friday.  Contact IARC Conference Room Schedulers Tohru Saito or Matt Barkdull regarding setup and break-down activities that may occur before or after hours.

  • No charge for room usage.
  • UAF departments are responsible for their own equipment setup, catering and room arrangement.
  • Room users are responsible for damages to equipment or furniture.
  • Please do not remove furniture or equipment from rooms.
  • Please return furniture to original arrangements. Leave room clean and ready for the next user.

Changes and cancellations

Due to high demand, please notify IARC Operations as soon as possible if you need to change or cancel your reservation.

The IARC Director reserves the right to reschedule any event to an alternate room if one is available. This rarely happens, but if it does, we will notify you immediately.

Questions? Contact IARC Conference Room Schedulers Tohru Saito or Matt Barkdull.

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