Arctic Research and Economic Diversification

During this seminar, visiting Hokkaido University researchers Sei-Ichi Saitoh and Taro Osabe will offer presentations on the following topics:
  • “Arctic Research Center at Hokkaido University: A new approach to utilizing Japanese Arctic expertise”
  • “Distribution shifts in fish resources in the Pacific Arctic (Preliminary results from the ArCS project)”
  • “Hitachi Laboratory at Hokkaido University and its Arctic research”
Sei-Ichi Saitoh is the director of Arctic Research Center and a professor of the Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences at Hokkaido University, as well as executive adviser at Green & Life Innovation, Inc., a venture company on fisheries information service. He is also co-chair of ESSAS (Ecosystem Study of sub-Arctic and Arctic Seas) which is a regional program of IMBeR/FutureEarth program. Taro Osabe is a Senior Researcher at the Hitachi Center for Exploratory Research, which is focused on environmental sensing and management, artificial intelligence, and power generation and control. Osabe-san’s recent work has focused on analysis of the future of the Arctic and research strategies and planning. For more information, contact Nate Bauer (
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