The Scientific Frontier: What UAF Scientists learned about Alaska in 2016

Thursday, February 2, 2017| noon-1:15 pm, 501 Akasofu 

Join the UAF research community for a discussion about recent findings regarding Arctic and Alaska science. Topics will include:

  • “Applications of climate downscaling in Alaska” (Peter Bieniek, IARC)
  • “New wave of permafrost warming in the Alaskan Interior?” (Vladimir Romanovsky, GI)
  • “InSAR results, in situ measurements, and in transition freeze-up and break-up seasonality” (Mark Johnson, CFOS)
  • “New discoveries from the oceans surrounding Alaska” (Tom Weingartner, CFOS)

Coffee and tea will be served. You are welcome to bring your quiet lunch. Contact Abraham Endalamaw or Till Baumann for more information about the IARC Research Salon Series.