Science industry meets University: Collaboration with Private Research

Thursday, November 10, 2016 | noon–1:15 pm, 501 Akasofu

Featuring panelists from and a UAF scientist

Adrian Gall, Sue Bishop and Gerald V. Frost from (a local private research firm) will discuss:

  • Private research as career opportunity for (young) university graduates (ideally with your personal background from UAF); What are motivations, challenges, advantages and drawbacks. Or short: What to expect
  • Private research collaboration with university research: How does it work, how can it benefit the university research, challenges and possibilities. Ideally undermined with examples / case studies from past experience

Bill Schnabel from INE/WERC/UAF will discuss experience from “the other side of the fence:” How does collaboration work? How can private research and university research complement each other?

Coffee and tea will be served. You are welcome to bring your quiet lunch. Contact Abraham Endalamaw  or Till Baumann for more information about the IARC Research Salon Series.