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People of IARC: Rick Thoman

Formerly with the NOAA National Weather Service, meteorologist Rick Thoman’s new role is climate translator. He works to span the bridge between climate modeling and communities.

People of IARC: Xiangdong Zhang

Since 2001, Dr. Xiangdong Zhang has worked extensively at IARC on climate and the atmosphere, including Arctic sea ice, water and energy cycles, extreme weather, and climate models and simulations. Dr. Zhang has been recognized widely for his recent work, by individual awards and ongoing funding from the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, among others.

People of IARC: Katrina Bennett

Katrina Bennett has studied hydrology and hydroclimate processes and models at IARC since 2010. Bennett has studied changes to the hydroclimate caused by extreme weather, as well as surveys of historical hydroclimate and remote sensing data. Her work has been published in leading climate journals such as Hydrological Processes and Journal of Climate.