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People of IARC: Elena Sparrow

As leader of IARC’s Education and Outreach programs, Elena Sparrow directs broad efforts to convene and communicate new and innovative science research and teaching methods. Sparrow has led a long and noteworthy career as a soil microbiologist, in addition to her key role in the development and growth of the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE) program and science education in Alaska.

People of IARC: Douglas Cost

Douglas Cost studies interchanges between education, science, and society, and how science can make people’s lives better. As he continues his research and scholarship, Cost also benefits the IARC and UAF traditions of leading-edge science, especially in the areas of social science and education.

People of IARC: Vladimir Alexeev

vladimir alexeev

For over a decade, Vladimir Alexeev has led advanced research and education initiatives at IARC, promoting a complex and diverse set of scientific approaches and priorities. Widely recognized and published across the pursuit and production of Global Climate Modeling (GCM), Alexeev also plays a leading role, along with John Walsh and Elena Sparrow, in IARC’s long-running Summer Schools series.

Visit IARC’s Arctic Introduction Center

Visit the Arctic Introduction Center in the lobby of the Akasofu building on UAF’s West Ridge and get a glimpse into the dynamic state of the Arctic. IARC does not offer tours of the building, but visitors are welcome to explore the center, which displays the abundance of research being done at IARC and highlights all elements of the Arctic.

2017 REU Program: Understanding the Arctic as a System

The Arctic climate is changing. Today, more than ever, an integrated cross-disciplinary approach is necessary to understand and explain changes in the Arctic and the implications of those changes. Responding to needs in innovative research and education for understanding high-latitude rapid climate change, researchers from UAF have established a new Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) site, aiming…

Welcome to the new IARC website!

After months of development, the IARC web design & development team presents an updated website for IARC. This includes:

Realignment — we’ve reorganized content to better communicate IARC activities and aid discovery

Redesign — we’ve strengthened our branding and information architecture to provide a better user experience