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    People of IARC

    People of IARC: Rick Thoman - Formerly with the NOAA National Weather Service, meteorologist Rick Thoman's new role is climate translator. He works to span the bridge between climate modeling and communities. Learn more about me and my work
    Bering Sea Ice for 2019
    Bering Sea Ice for 2019An overview of winter sea ice conditions in the Bering Sea during winter 2019.2019IARC, ACCAPOutreach Publicationoutreach-publication
    Ikaaġvik Sikukun spring 2019
    Ikaaġvik Sikukun spring 2019Ikaaġvik Sikukun spring 2019 newsletter highlights research that bridges scientific and Indigenous communities through sea ice change in Kotzebue Sound.2019IARCNewsletternewsletter
    AAOKH News 2018
    AAOKH News 2018Alaska Arctic Observatory & Knowledge Hub 2018 newsletter highlights current work to support community-based observations …2018IARC, AAOKHNewsletternewsletter
    IARC Annual Report 2018
    IARC Annual Report 2018Research highlights, accomplishments and updates of the International Arctic Research Center during January 2017 – …2018IARCAnnual Reportannual-report
    AK CASC Annual Report
    AK CASC Annual ReportAlaska Climate Adaptation Science Center 2018 Annual Report highlights some of the events, research activities, …2018AK CASCAnnual Reportannual-report
    Bering Strait Sea Ice for 2018
    Bering Strait Sea Ice for 2018An overview of winter sea ice conditions in the Bering Sea.2018IARCOutreach Publicationoutreach-publication
    IARC Annual Report 2016
    IARC Annual Report 2016A look back at IARC activities in 2016.2016IARCAnnual Reportannual-report
    ACCAP Annual Report 2018
    ACCAP Annual Report 2018Science, decision-support, and capacity building for climate resilience in Alaska.2018ACCAPAnnual Reportannual-report
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