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Downscaled climate data

The Scenarios Network for Alaska + Arctic Planning (SNAP) produces downscaled, historical and projected climate data for sub-Arctic and Arctic regions of Alaska and Canada.

  • Downscaled projected data come from one of 5 top ranked global circulation models or are calculated as a 5-model average.
  • Climate datasets include daily, monthly, and derived products (e.g., monthly decadal averages, specific seasonal averages).
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Barrow, Alaska. (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Monitors & Webcams

Utqiaġvik (Barrow) Sea Ice

Utqiaġvik Sea Ice Radar produces radar backscatter maps to show movement, deformation, and stability of coastal ice. Location:  downtown Utqiaġvik. Operates year round, with 11-km range. Images update every 10 minutes; 24-hour animations are produced daily at midnight.

Utqiaġvik Sea Ice Webcam shows current sea-ice conditions. Also helps maintain records of key dates in the seasonal evolution of the sea-ice cover, such as onset of fall ice formation, formation of a stable ice cover, onset of spring melt, appearance of melt ponds, beginning of ice break-up in early summer, and removal or advection of sea ice during the summer months. Location: downtown Utqiaġvik, looking NNW. Posts a new photo online every 5 minutes.

Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments (NGEE)

NGEE Utqiaġvik (Barrow) data charts provide real-time air and soil temperatures for three sites located adjacent to one another on different types of polygonal ground: Site A, Site B, Site C.

Poker Flat Research Range

Poker Flat Research Range Super-Site data charts provide real-time air and soil temperatures, dew point, humidity, wind speed, snow depth, precipitation, barometric pressure, and more. This site is located 30 miles north of Fairbanks.

Seward Peninsula

Seward Peninsula Weather Stations provide real-time data of weather and hydrology sites in the Bering Strait region. Data include temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and more. Historical data also available for some sites.

UAF North Campus

UAF North Campus Site data charts provide real-time air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, wind direction and more. Located east of Smith Lake.