Research Networking Activities for Sustained Coordinated Observations of Arctic Change (CoObs RNA)

overview of the project

In 2007, the International Arctic Science Committee and the Arctic Council created Sustained Arctic Observing Networks (SAON). SAON helps coordinate myriad observing activities into a common framework.

Over the years, Arctic Science Ministerials and the Arctic Observing Summit (AOS) established and quantified the shared benefits that sustained observations of a changing Arctic provide to Arctic and non-Arctic countries.

In 2020, SAON developed a Roadmap for Arctic Observations (ROADS) to provide detail and direction for observations and data management. However, ROADS lacks specific activities to fulfill this strategy.

That’s where CoObs RNA comes in

Through meetings, collaborations, and partnership with the AOS Food Security Working Group, we will design or adapt information infrastructure to show how an internationally coordinated roadmap for Arctic observing can be designed and developed.

The food security observing roadmap will guide observing activities in the Pacific Arctic and inform the ROADS process at the pan-Arctic scale. ROADS will then better serve operators, the research community, and decision-makers in their own efforts.

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Project Details

IARC personnel

Hajo Eicken
Josie Sam

Other personnel

    • Amber Budden
    • Raychelle Daniel
    • An Nguyen
    • Hank Loescher
    • Kelley Uhlig

Funding source(s)

National Science Foundation, with in-kind support from NOAA Global Ocean Monitoring and Observing Program, Arctic Institute of North America, and the Pew Charitable Trusts

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