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Bering Sea Impact Study 1995-1999

Our assessment of the impacts of climate change in Alaska and the Bering Sea region started in 1995 and has now spanned a period of almost five years, with workshops taking place each year. In 1995 our first workshop was on “Preparing for an Uncertain Future: Impacts of Short- and Long-Term Climate Change on Alaska.”…

Arctic Climate Impact Assessments 2000-2005

Climate variability and change, and more recently, notable increases in UV radiation, have become important issues in the Arctic region over the past few decades. These issues have also prevailed in the international scientific and political scene for over a decade through major programs of scientific research (e.g., WCRP), through intergovernmental assessments (e.g., AMAP, IPCC, and WMO), and through international treaties, protocols and conventions.

Japan-U.S. Arctic Strategy and Policy Workshop 2015

Based on the increasingly urgent need for scientific understanding and rational policies to guide Arctic decision making, investment, and development, the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) and the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) convened a Japan-U.S. Arctic Strategy and Policy Workshop during the first week of March, 2015. This workshop explored topics of…

Google Drive- brown bag workshop

Akasofu 401 2160 Koyukuk Dr, Fairbanks

IARC’s Nate Bauer will lead a brown bag workshop on Google Drive: introduction and integration.

Chinese Academy of Science collaboration workshop 2018

Akasofu 401 2160 Koyukuk Dr, Fairbanks

The Arctic Cryosphere Changes and Their Impacts: Defining a Collaborative Research Agenda workshop focused on collaboration and science plan development between UAF-IARC and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Workshop presentations now available.

Workshop: Arctic Change and Extreme Weather & Climate

Sheraton Anchorage Hotel 401 E 6th Ave, Anchorage

The goal of this workshop was to synthesize current knowledge and coordinate future research efforts to improve understanding of Arctic influence on extreme climate and weather.