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ST Lee Young Scientist Exchange Lecture – Anthropogenic forcing: effects on extreme glacier mass-loss

Akasofu 401 2160 Koyukuk Dr, Fairbanks, AK

This lecture is part of the S.T. Lee Young Scientist Exchange with Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Visiting scientist: Lauren Vargo Talk overview: Glaciers are unique indicators of climate change, and extreme glacier mass loss is becoming more common globally. While decadal glacier decline has been attributed to anthropogenic forcing, direct links between anthropogenic…

S.T. Lee Fellowship Presentation- Stratovolcano mapping and paleoclimate: a complementary story of lava and ice

Stratovolcanic deposits are potentially powerful paleoclimatic records: lavas can be radiometrically dated, lava geometries describe the thicknesses of ice masses at particular elevations, and water-supported deposits (e.g., hyaloclastites) describe subglacial ice structures. Although glaciovolcanism is not a new concept, it is underutilised in both stratovolcano mapping and paleoclimate studies. This talk looks beyond the well-known relationships between large volcanic eruptions and climatic response.