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Discover Alaska Lecture: Alaska’s Changing Environment


Rick Thoman, Alaska climate specialist with IARC's Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy, will give a Discover Alaska Lecture. The hour long TV broadcast will focus on Alaska's Changing Environment, where we've been and where we're going.

IAB Life Science Seminar: Climate science in the news

Murie Auditorium 2090 Koyukuk St, Fairbanks

Kristin Timm, postdoctoral candidate in science communication and a research assistant at the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University, will present “Climate science in the news: How the fourth National Climate Assessment was covered by the U.S. media.". This talk is part of the Institute of Arctic Biology’s Life Science Seminar Series.…

Warming of the Chukchi slope through the Barrow Canyon outflow in winter 2016-2017

Seminar by visiting scientist Satoshi Kimura, a physical oceanographer at JAMSTEC Arctic Ocean and Climate System Research Group. The talk title is, The warming of the Chukchi slope through the Barrow Canyon outflow in the 2016-2017 winter. ABSTRACT: While a substantial portion of the Pacific-origin waters flows through Barrow Canyon in the northeast corner of…

Alaska’s 2019 extended wildfire season

Akasofu 401 2160 Koyukuk Dr, Fairbanks

Join the International Arctic Research Center for October’s research salon panel discussion on Alaska's 2019 extended wildfire season. Hear perspectives from Uma Bhatt, Joe Little and Nancy Fresco. Light refreshments will be provided. IARC Salon is a monthly seminar series coordinated annually by one of IARC's students. For more information contact this year's graduate student…

Response of major modes of eastern Arctic Ocean variability to climate change

Akasofu 401 2160 Koyukuk Dr, Fairbanks

Join IARC for Till Baumann’s PhD thesis defense titled response of major modes of eastern Arctic Ocean variability to climate change. Till is advised by Igor Polyakov. Abstract: The Arctic Ocean plays a central role in ongoing climate change, with sea-ice loss being the most prominent indicator. In recent years, an increased influence of Atlantic…

Climate change: from cutting-edge science to innovative solutions

Salisbury Theatre 1718 Tanana Drive, Fairbanks

About the speaker- Dr. Katharine Hayhoe is a climate scientist who served as a lead author for the National Climate Assessments under the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations. She also is the director of Texas Tech’s Climate Science Center. Join her on September 9 for a public lecture as she shares her perspectives on climate…


Association for Women in Science talk: field research meets rural Alaska

Akasofu 501 2160 Koyukuk Dr, Fairbanks

The Association for Women in Science, Alaska Chapter (AWIS-AK) invites you to their brown-bag meeting.  Speaker: Dr. Alexis Will, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National Institute of Polar Research, Japan.  Topic: Field research meets rural Alaska: mistakes, missteps, and moments of "aha!" Please bring a story or advice to share from your own experience working…

Coast survey’s operations in Alaska

Akasofu 401 2160 Koyukuk Dr, Fairbanks

Seminar by Bart Buesseler, Navigation Manager for the NOAA Office for Coast Surveys (OCS) about the operations that NOAA OCS conducts in Alaska. Topics: How are survey areas identified and selected?What kinds of data are acquired?What standards are used?What opportunities exist for collaboration?  Download presentation (PDF)

Lecture: Dante’s 9th circle of hell is ice

Something to keep in mind when studying light and algae in polar ocean ecosystems  Samuel Laney, PhDAssociate Scientist, Biology Dept, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Numerous unusual aspects of marine photosynthetic ecology are found in polar oceans, one of which is the spatial juxtaposition of two distinctly different algal ecosystems: those living in sea ice, and…

Science for Alaska Lecture: Will defrosting the “icebox” lead to more summer wildfires in Alaska?

Raven Landing Center 1222 Cowles St., Fairbanks

Randi Jandt will give a Science for Alaska lecture titled Will defrosting the "icebox" lead to more summer wildfires in Alaska? Jandt is an ecologist from the Alaska Fire Science Consortium, based at University of Alaska-Fairbanks' International Arctic Research Center.  She has a MS in Wildlife Management from UAF and 30 yrs field experience in Alaska…

My 60-year research life at UAF

Akasofu 401 2160 Koyukuk Dr, Fairbanks

Syun-Ichi Akasofu will give a presentation on his research philosophy Thursday, Jan. 24, from 1-2 p.m. in Akasofu 401. “My research begins when I find observed facts which are inconsistent, contradictory or wrong in well-established theories,” he said. A professor emeritus of physics, Akasofu was the director of the Geophysical Institute from 1986 to 1999 and…

Arctic climate change: Alternative futures

While changes of sea ice and air temperature have received widespread media coverage, other changes in the cryosphere and the broader Arctic environment have been synthesized in recent assessment reports.