Understanding the Arctic as a System

Arctic A-OK

AAOKH_logo_colorThe Alaska Arctic Observatory and Knowledge Hub (AAOKH) was established to build capacity in sharing information from community-based observations on cryosphere change conducted by northern Alaska communities. Observations that could be linked to the seasonal cycle of harvesting activities was identified as an important focus for prioritizing observations.

 A Knowledge Hub was developed to provide tools and observational data of relevance to communities in the context of a changing seasonal cycle and offers community members opportunities to share insights and observations to support the information-sharing goals.


The mission of  Alaska Arctic Observatory and Knowledge Hub is to provide northern Alaska coastal communities with the tools, resources, and scientific and administrative support to share their expertise through community-based observations and the joint development of a knowledge resource on cryosphere change. The focus on observing activities and knowledge sharing will emphasize changes in the seasonal cycle as it affects community activities, and natural resources that are important to indigenous coastal communities in northern Alaska.

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