Understanding the Arctic as a System

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Cyberinfrastructure for Arctic Research Computing (CyARC)

Goal: To create a world-class research cyberinfrastructure, undergirded by semantic technologies, that facilitates custom architecture and programming solutions solving specific problems.

See an overview of CyARC with information on our data archive, data backup, high-performance and cloud computing, virtual private networks and WebDAV folders.

Scenarios Network for Alaska + Arctic Planning (SNAP)

SNAP produces downscaled, historical and projected climate data for sub-Arctic and Arctic regions of Alaska and Canada. Downscaled projected data come from one of 5 top ranked global circulation models or are calculated as a 5-model average. Each model also has 3 versions from one of 3 climate scenarios. Climate datasets include daily, monthly, and derived products (e.g., monthly decadal averages, specific seasonal averages).

SNAP also shares other types of project-specific data that cover much larger regions. Learn more

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