Understanding the Arctic as a System


IARC and Climate Group Personnel Directory

Now you can search for IARC and Climate Group people by name or area of expertise.



Name Role/Affiliation Title
Uma Bhatt CIFAR Leadership CIFAR Director; Professor & Chair, Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Kim Cox IARC Leadership Executive Officer
Hajo Eicken IARC Leadership IARC Director, Professor of Geophysics
Nancy Fresco CIFAR and SNAP Leadership Research Assistant Professor, CIFAR Associate Director
Brendan Kelly IARC Leadership Professor of Marine Biology, Executive Director – Study of Environmental Arctic Change
Tom Kurkowski SNAP Leadership Operations Lead
Scott Rupp IARC and SNAP Leadership IARC Deputy Director, SNAP Director, AK CSC Principal Investigator, Professor
Elena Sparrow IARC Leadership Education and Outreach Director/Research Professor
Sarah Trainor ACCAP Leadership Research Assistant Professor, AFSC Principal Investigator, ACCAP Principal Investigator
John Walsh IARC Leadership Chief Scientist
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