Understanding the Arctic as a System


Vision: IARC will serve our nation and the international Arctic research community by building an integrated understanding of the Arctic, as a system, with clear and accurate conceptualization of the role of the Arctic in the broader global system.

Our mission is to foster Arctic research in an international setting to help the nation and the international community understand, prepare for, and adapt to the pan-Arctic impacts of climate change.

IARC has built an integrated science and service program for the benefit of the Arctic community. Key elements of that program are:

  • Analysis, synthesis and provision of Arctic climate information, including Arctic Ocean hydrographic information for scientists, students, decision-makers, and the public
  • Support and coordination of Arctic System Modeling, by providing a nexus for model validation and assessment and by exploratory development of new component modules
  • Service as a “gateway” or Arctic Climate Science Coordination Center to Alaska and other research sites for the Arctic research community through international project offices, secretariat functions, and the coordination of targeted synthesis workshops, with special attention to collaboration with international scientists and institutions.

Statement on Diversity and Inclusivity

At IARC, we value a culture of inclusion that leverages the research, educational and institutional benefits of diversity, and engages all individuals to help each thrive. Our strength and success as a research institute and university are built on the foundation of a wide range of perspectives and experiences.

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