• Hajo Eicken — IARC Director, Professor of Geophysics
  • Scott Rupp — IARC Deputy Director, SNAP Director, AK CASC Principal Investigator, Professor

  • Uma Bhatt — CIFAR Director; Professor & Chair, Department of Atmospheric Sciences
  • Kim Cox — IARC Executive Officer
  • Nancy Fresco — SNAP Leadership, CIFAR Associate Director, Assistant Professor
  • Tom Kurkowski — SNAP Operations Lead
  • Amy Lauren Lovecraft — Director, Center for Arctic Policy Studies, Professor
  • Elena Sparrow — IARC Education and Outreach Director, Research Professor
  • Sarah Trainor — AFSC Principal Investigator, ACCAP Principal Investigator, Research Assistant Professor
  • John Walsh — IARC Chief Scientist

People of IARC

Amy Lovecraft
Interim director, Center for Arctic Policy Studies (CAPS)

Amy is a professor of political science at the UAF College of Liberal Arts. She recently accepted a 2-year appointment as the interim director of CAPS which is being revitalized within IARC.

What do you do?
My focus is social and environmental. Specifically, I look at the political dynamics that result from the changing climate and development circumstances in the Arctic. What political situations arise as climate pressures create greater uncertainty? The changing environment creates choices that humans make, and in turn our political decisions.

What are you currently working on?
Along with my team, I am currently focused on getting CAPS up and running and demonstrating the relevancy of arctic policy information and studies to the Alaska legislature. An initial project will be getting information related to the Arctic Policy Commissions report into the hands of decision makers. We are looking at every graduate thesis produced by UA since 2010 that directly answers questions that were in the report. This demonstrates that UA is training people to answer the questions the State cares about.