• Hajo Eicken — IARC Director, Professor of Geophysics
  • Scott Rupp — IARC Deputy Director, SNAP Director, AK CASC Principal Investigator, Professor

  • Uma Bhatt — CIFAR Director; Professor & Chair, Department of Atmospheric Sciences
  • Kim Cox — IARC Executive Officer
  • Nancy Fresco — SNAP Leadership, CIFAR Associate Director, Assistant Professor
  • Tom Kurkowski — SNAP Operations Lead
  • Amy Lauren Lovecraft — Director, Center for Arctic Policy Studies, Professor
  • Elena Sparrow — IARC Education and Outreach Director, Research Professor
  • Sarah Trainor — AFSC Principal Investigator, ACCAP Principal Investigator, Research Assistant Professor
  • John Walsh — IARC Chief Scientist

People of IARC

Christina “Christi” Buffington
Education outreach specialist

Christi came to IARC from Helena, MT where she was a middle and high school science teacher. She also has a strong background in environmental science and has worked at an environmental engineering firm and as conservation and environmental science program coordinator at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

What will you do at IARC?
My job is to assist on the GLOBE and Winterberry projects. I travel to communities to train teachers and students all across Alaska to implement GLOBE protocols. I also teach communities how to monitor for winter berries so that we can know if there is berry loss.

What are you most excited about?
I really love community-based ecosystem monitoring. It is exciting to see this in action through the GLOBE and Winterberry projects, and know that people across Alaska can be part of a bigger project that is monitoring climate change.

Come talk to you about?
Come talk to me about citizen science. Local residents who know their community have the capacity to do exception and publishable science.