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Update your IARC Directory information

Please contact the IARC Executive Assistant with any updates to your Directory entry. This includes contact information and/or photo changes.

Add your IARC affiliation to your research profiles

The IARC website uses these platforms to track peer-reviewed publications so that visitors can see all of the great work coming out of IARC. If you use either or both of these platforms, you can help us show off your work—and IARC as a whole—by including IARC in your research profiles.

Google Scholar

  • Include IARC - don't just use UAF
  • Spell out IARC - use "International Arctic Research Center"
  • You may list multiple affiliations as long as International Arctic Research Center is included. Separate multiple affiliations with a comma, not with a “/”

See how to do this (PDF)


  • Don't use "researcher at ..." or "professor at ..."
  • Affiliation = University of Alaska Fairbanks (spelled out)Don't use UA.
  • Department = International Arctic Research Center (spelled out)
  • Add other affiliations (SNAP, ACCAP, etc.) as labs.

See how to do this (PDF)