Research Proposals

Proposal review and endorsement

IARC's Major Programs Financial Manager works with the UAF Office of Proposal Development (OPD) to facilitate proposal development and ultimate submission through the UAF Office of Grants & Contracts Administration (OGCA).

OPD coordinates IARC proposals and pre-award activities, including reviewing sponsor guidelines, developing budgets, formatting proposals, and ensuring compliance with agency and university policies.

OPD helps you:

  • Build your proposal budget
  • Update your current and pending support (C&P)
  • Create the proposal justification and scope of work
  • Coordinate review by OGCA
  • Coordinate supplemental funding requests

The IARC Business Office helps you:

  • Establish your awarded project budget
  • Coordinate agency requests for re-budgets, extensions, etc.
  • Let you know whether something is allowable on your project
  • Periodically determine how much funding your project has available
  • Manage post-award proposals
  • Contact us

OGCA helps with:

  • Review and approval of all proposals on behalf of the Principal Investigator and the University
  • Proposal auditing and closeout

How to start a proposal

When responding to a Request for Proposals (RFP), please email OPD with:

  • PI name and department
  • Project start/end dates
  • Proposal due date
  • Link to RFP

OPD will generate a new proposal number and assign a coordinator who will then become the point-of-contact for your proposal.

Please keep the IARC Business Office informed as you go through this process by including us on your correspondence with OPD.