Regular Tasks

Design & Editing

Heather McFarland
Science Communication Lead
415 A Akasofu


IARC's professional communicators can help you plan an outreach strategy for your research. Please contact us at the start of your project so that we can help you shape how you will communicate your work to the world.

We also design and write newsletters, fact sheets, diagrams, figures and other visual communication products.

How we publicize your work

  • Internally via weekly e-newsletter, What's Up at IARC
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • IARC website
  • Annual reports, newsletters and other publications
  • Press releases

Please tell us about:

  • Your latest peer-reviewed paper
  • Awards or recognitions
  • Conference presentations
  • Collaborations you're part of
  • Exciting new findings

Nate Bauer
Director and Acquisitions Editor, UA Press; IARC Science Communication Lead
Westwood Way Office Building Room


Writing a research proposal or scientific paper? Let our professional staff help you make it great with our excellent writing, researching, and editing skills.

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