How to make purchases

A purchase requisition (PR) is required for ALL purchases, including virtual conference registration costs and internal purchases.

  • Include screenshots, quotes, and/or links to help us order exactly what you need.
  • Amazon orders must be placed through our UA Amazon Business Account.
  • Prior approval is required before using personal funds. Using personal funds is a last resort if no other funding mechanism is available.

Submit PR to the IARC Business Office (415 Akasofu) in person or by email. Please allow up to 5 business days after we receive all of the necessary documents for processing your order. Check with us at any time to verify the status of your request.

Purchases less than $5,000

Use a custodial credit card to make your purchase:

  • Once approved, pick up the custodial card from the IARC Business Office in 415 Akasofu.
  • Make your purchase and return the custodial card and receipt by 5:00pm that day.
  • Please sign, date, and deliver the packing slip for your order to us as soon as you have it. If no packing slip is available, contact us to let us know the order was received.

Department purchases: We will proceed with your order as outlined on the PR if you did not ask to use the custodial card. Unless otherwise specified, orders will be mailed to 415 Akasofu. We will contact you when your order arrives.

Procurement (over $5,000)

Includes subawards, service contracts, charters, and other Procurements that cannot be paid by ProCard and may take more than 2 weeks to set up a purchase order. Work cannot begin until a purchase order is in place.

Additional documents are required for orders placed through Procurement. This can include, but is not limited to quotes, W9, scope of work, budget, independent contractor status determination form, etc.

We will let you know what additional documents, if any, are needed once we review your purchase request. Be sure to provide ample time for these additional processing delays.

  • Subawards: Include a budget, justification, statement of work, and period of performance.
  • Service contracts: Include a vendor quote and the  period of performance.
  • Commodities and equipment: Include a vendor quote, and specify delivery and storage locations.
  • Specialty purchases: Includes charter services, honoraria, and guest speakers. Please contact us at least 3 weeks before the event to learn what other information may be needed.
  • Vendor-specific orders with purchasing thresholds: A restrictive specification form (RSF) may be required; thresholds vary. Contact us to find out if an RSF is required for a specific order.