Field Safety


Plan and succeed

A corer extension being used to take out an ice core that is more than two meters (6 ft) deep (photo by Ben Rabe).

Traveling to a remote area to conduct field research can be challenging in many ways. Adverse situations in the field may be difficult to overcome for lack of planning.

Prerequisites for remote fieldwork

The UAF Field Emergency Plan is intended to provide UAF travelers with a sound action plan to cope with emergencies encountered during official travel at field locations within the U.S. and abroad.

Complete a Job Hazard Analysis to help you determine important provisions such as required safety equipment, training, or other items needed to ensure the safety of your team.

In addition to the basic safety training required by all UAF employees, you may require additional training based on the location or nature of your research. Learn more about planning for field research — including forms and training opportunities.

Be professional in the field

The goal of the IARC Code of Conduct is to provide a safe and inclusive working environment for everyone participating in field work associated with IARC. This includes sub-contractors, volunteers, students, staff, faculty, administration, or other members of collaborating institutions.

Hazardous Materials
Field Safety Courses