Alaska’s Changing Arctic: Energy Issues and Trends

Why create this report?

This “Alaska’s Changing Arctic: Energy Issues and Trends” inaugural report is designed specifically for State government and Alaska citizens. This report addresses the first of four priority lines of effort identified in Alaska’s Arctic Policy, “promoting economic and resource development,” through the topic of energy. While the report recognizes the policy-making power of local and Tribal governments, it highlights key interactive trends in Alaska and the Arctic that are most likely to require State Legislative decision-making in the near future.

The collaborative authors are University of Alaska experts with local, national and international partnerships in both public and private sectors. The authors used science studies, policy information and a close understanding of the nature of the state, regional, federal and international governance to synthesize the key trends that Alaska government needs to pay attention to as they seek success in the globalizing Arctic.

Why the University of Alaska?

The University of Alaska is able to serve as an information resource to the State government. This report is one way to do that. It aims to:

  1. efficiently contextualize for the Alaska audience state concerns in relation to Arctic economic, social and environmental trends in terms decisionmakers and their staffs are able to grasp quickly and evaluate in relation to their own political choices,
  2. serve as a timely resource for questions legislators, executive agencies or other government officials may have, and
  3. highlight the unique opportunities of the State of Alaska to serve as a model for energy policies and practices serving cold climate and rural areas in the US and internationally.

These goals rest on the well-understood relationship between the University and State: this report seeks to inform, not advocate for any particular outcome or for the University itself. The report is designed to facilitate State capacity to address the Arctic Policy Act, including concerns related to climatic change and geopolitics without the pressure of advocacy or recommendations.




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