Sophie Stein

Research Assistant

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Areas of Expertise:
Climate adaptation
Climate change
Community-based observing
Social science

IARC projects I'm involved with:

Center for Arctic Policy Studies

My name is Sophie Stein and I recently graduated from Bates College with a degree in Environmental Policy. Here at IARC, I conduct community-based research alongside Dr. Lovecraft & Dr. Curry on the Engaging Underrepresented Voices in Climate Change project. This project allows me to work alongside numerous communities whose day-to-day exposure to climate change goes under researched.

At UAF, I also work for GINA, focusing on snow and fire science, outreach & education, and utilizing geospatial information systems technology. Prior to my time in Fairbanks, I was able to explore the Tetons as I taught place-based science to students of all ages at the Teton Science Schools in Wyoming. There, I was able to focus on the importance of science communication, ensuring that both understanding and fun were essential steps in the learning process.

I’m excited to experience all that Alaska has in store. I love to run, ski, bike, and generally spend as much time outside as I can. When inside, I enjoy cooking, and I am also an amateur knitter looking to finish a project sometime soon. For now, I revel in great company amongst my many half-knit hats.