Mik’ (Elizabeth) Lindley

Graduate Research Assistant


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Areas of Expertise:

IARC projects I'm involved with:

Alaska Arctic Observatory and Knowledge Hub

Graduate Advisor: Donna Hauser

Graduate Project Description:

My name is Elizabeth Mik’aq Lindley, and I just started my MS program in May through the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.

Working title: Arctic Salmon: northward movements of Pacific salmon and potentials for colonization of Arctic systems as determined by minimum thermal thresholds for embryonic development

Pacific salmon have been straying into the Arctic in small numbers for decades, but not nearly to the extent we are seeing today. The Arctic, ranging from Alaska’s North Slope to the Canadian Northwest, has seen a varying influx of Sockeye, Chum, Pink, and Chinook salmon in the last decade. The story of Arctic salmon is complicated because they are not perceived to be native to much of these areas by Indigenous people and there is concern regarding the ecological and societal consequences should salmon truly establish themselves in the Arctic. Through my work with Alaska Arctic Observatory and Knowledge Hub and The Arctic Salmon Project (Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada) I’m aiming to i) better understand these northern movements through community based observations and monitoring, and to ii) determine the potentials for colonization of Arctic systems through an experimental study of lower thermal thresholds during embryonic development.