IARC science at AGU 2021

Over thirty IARC researchers and students are participating in the 2021 American Geophysical Union fall meeting held both virtually and in New Orleans. We hope to connect with our colleagues and friends during the following presentations and events. For those in New Orleans, please also stop by the University of Alaska Fairbanks booth (number 933) which is co-hosted by IARC science communications team.

In addition to giving and convening talks and posters, IARC researchers are participating in a press conference for NOAA’s Arctic Report Card and hosting a town hall for the Study of Arctic Environmental Change.

For updates during the meeting, follow IARC on TwitterFacebook or Instagram. To learn about AGU activities across UAF follow the #UAFxAGU hashtag on social media platforms. For any questions or suggestions, please contact Heather McFarland.

Time (Alaska)PresenterPresentation or event titleTypeHeld virtually or in New Orleans

⧺ student * presenter physically in New Orleans ⋇ not IARC affiliated, but presenting on an IARC project

Monday, December 13

5:03Brendan KellyComplex collaboration for understanding drivers and consequences of Arctic environmental changeTalkBoth *
9:45-11:00Kristin TimmScience and society showcase: Part 1PanelistBoth *
9:45-11:00Xiangdong Zhang (convener)Extratropical and high-latitude storm tracks, circulation dynamics, and extreme events in the context of rapidly changing Arctic and Antarctic climateTalkBoth *
13:00-15:00Margaret Rudolf⧺ (presenting author)TEK Talks: shifting the perspective on working with Indigenous PeoplesPosterBoth *
13:00-15:00Alec Bennett⧺Using future streamflow to inform decision-making efforts in Arctic river systemsPosterVirtual
13:00-15:00Christine WaiglQuantitative and qualitative insights into Boreal forest fire fuel type and condition from tree-scale airborne imaging spectroscopyPosterBoth *
13:00-15:00Han Tang⧺Impacts of spatial resolution on an intense Arctic cyclone simulationsPosterVirtual
13:00-15:00Peter BieniekEvaluating possible future rain in winter hazards for major communities in Alaska and the Yukon TerritoryPosterBoth *
13:00-15:00Xiangdong Zhang (convener)Extratropical and high-latitude storm tracks, circulation dynamics, and extreme events in the context of rapidly changing Arctic and Antarctic climatePosterBoth *
15:15-16:15Brendan Kelly & Athena CopenhaverSEARCH Town Hall: Coproducing understanding of drivers and consequences of environmental Arctic changeTown HallBoth *

Tuesday, December 14

5:28Joanna YoungInspiring Girls Expeditions of Alaska: A model for mentorship and stimulating interest in field sciences for high school youth and early career professionals (Invited)TalkVirtual
6:00Gabe Wolken
Other editors/authors: Rick Thoman, Thomas Ballinger, Uma Bhatt
Arctic Report Card rolloutPress ConferenceVirtual
11:55Nicholas Parlato⧺Complicating resilience in a global Arctic: Energy infrastructures at a precarious junctureTalkVirtual
13:00-15:00Alec Bennett⧺Cascading security and ethical considerations of Arctic geoengineering solutionsPosterVirtual
13:00-15:00Elena Sparrow (presented by Uma Bhatt)Developing and implementing a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion at an international research center in an Arctic University to build trusting, caring and professional relationships across international research communitiesPosterBoth *
13:00-15:00Hajo EickenFacilitating convergence of independent observing efforts: A Research Networking Activity for observations in support of food security in the Pacific Arctic sectorPosterVirtual
13:00-15:00Margaret Rudolf⧺What does cultural inclusivity look like in observing systems?PosterBoth *
13:00-15:00Thomas BallingerThe subseasonal-to-seasonal role of blocking atmospheric patterns on Alaska wildfire activityPosterBoth *
13:00-15:00Lawson Brigham (convener)A blue Arctic Ocean: Future U.S. Arctic research and marine infrastructure needs PosterBoth
13:00-15:00Adam YoungThe varying strength and impact of negative fire-vegetation feedbacks across the North American boreal forest biomePosterBoth
13:00-15:00Claire Bachand⧺⋇(REU student advised by John Walsh)Extreme precipitation events in Alaska: Historical trends and projected changesPosterBoth *

Wednesday, December 15

13:00-15:00Elizabeth FigusCo-producing climate research in rural Southeast Alaska: the Kake climate partnershipPosterBoth *
13:00-15:00Zav GrabinskiSynthesizing wildfire and climate science as a communication tool for managers to share with the public: Alaska’s Changing Wildfire EnvironmentPosterVirtual

Thursday, December 16

5:05Uma BhattA community of practice approach to improving and communicating seasonal sea-ice forecastsTalkBoth *
13:00-14:15Kristin Timm (co-chair)Science and Society: Science Communication Practice, Research, and ReflectioneLightningBoth *
13:00-15:00Cece Borries Strigle⧺Evaluation of the 2020 and 2021 Alaska Summer Fire Seasons from March Seasonal ForecastsPosterVirtual
13:00-15:00Craig Chythlook (presented by Margaret Rudolf)What is an Indigenous centered Food Security Observation System?PosterBoth *
13:00-15:00Kaja BrixActivating the Space Between Disciplines to Address Complex Environmental ProblemsPosterBoth
13:00-15:00Kristin TimmUAF’s Climate Scholars Program: Forging A New Model for Teaching, Learning, and Leadership in Climate Change EducationPosterBoth *
13:00-15:00Kristin Timm (co-chair)Great Ideas for Teaching (GIFTs) Climate Change at the Undergraduate Level I PosterPosterBoth *
13:00-15:00Kristin Timm (co-chair)Science and Society: Science Communication Practice, Research, and Reflection III PosterPosterBoth *
13:00-15:00Yongwon KimPhenological characteristics in year-round stem respiration of a boreal black spruce (Picea mariana) stand on permafrost, interior AlaskaPosterBoth *
13:00-15:00Erin Trochim⋇ (Predict Fest)PredictFest: To Build Capacity for Arctic Stakeholders in Need of Multi-Scale PredictionsPosterBoth
13:00-15:00Jessica Garron (Presenting Author)Application of an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Operations Course to Develop Remote Sensing Researcher Skills for Arctic Research and Public Service Missions OperationsPosterBoth *
13:06Kristin TimmThe cryosphere and climate change communication: Messengers, messages, and outcomes of framing climate change as thawing iceTalkBoth *

Friday, December 17

5:35Xiangdong ZhangArctic cyclones in reanalyses and E3SM simulations: changes, driving mechanisms, and ice-ccean impactsTalkBoth *
6:45-8:00Anne Gold⋇ (NNA-Community Office team)
Arctic education and outreach: Effective ways of engaging diverse learners in Arctic scienceTalkBoth *
6:55Maxine Dibert⋇ (Fairbanks teacher engaging in IARC programs)Learning from K’keeyh: Connecting generations and multiple knowledge systems through cross cultural learning and teachingTalkBoth *
6:55Margaret Rudolf⧺Indigenized co-production of knowledge evaluation frameworkInvited TalkBoth *
11:59Marc OggierSeasonal evolution of sea-ice pore microstructure and connectivity in relation to granular and columnar ice textureTalkVirtual
13:00-14:15Go IwahanaFine-scale ground truth of ground displacement in the Anaktuvuk River Fire (ARF) for satellite and airborne L-band SARPosterVirtual
13:00-14:15Christina BuffingtonJust ask the kids: Climate resilience engagement through dirty snow citizen science inquiry investigations in Alaska and MontanaPosterVirtual
13:00-15:00Anne Gold⋇ (NNA-Community Office team)
Arctic education and outreach: Effective ways of engaging diverse learners in Arctic sciencePosterBoth *