Newsletter highlights community-based observations in the Arctic

IARC’s Alaska Arctic Observatory & Knowledge Hub is excited to share their winter 2020 newsletter. AAOKH helps northern Alaska coastal communities share their expertise and observations of changing sea ice, wildlife and coastal waters. Read this AAOKH news to hear firsthand how 2020 compared to past years. Observers from Tikiġaq (Point Hope), Qikiqtaġruq (Kotzebue), Wainwright, Utqiaġvik and Kaktovik share how ‘near-normal’ spring to fall conditions led to successful whaling and wildlife behavior more typical of the past. Further placing 2020 in historical context, AAOKH news shares an overview of temperature and sea ice trends for the region.

This newsletter also introduces new AAOKH staff and students, highlights new and continued research, and introduces AAOKH’s observer, Guy Omnik, in Tikiġaq.

Read the 2020 winter AAOKH news to learn more.