Bering Science report released

The International Arctic Research Center is pleased to share the fall 2020 Bering Science report. The report was facilitated by IARC and the Alaska Ocean Observing System. The team worked with agency and university scientists from across the Bering Sea region to compile information on recent research results and observations during summer 2020.

This was a challenging year for research in Alaska, many surveys and projects delayed or cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to an overview of summer ocean conditions by Rick Thoman, this Bering Science highlights innovative ways agencies collected data, such walleye pollock surveys conducted by Saildrones. The report also shares updates from state and federal agencies on salmon, red king crabs, phytoplankton, unusual mortality events in sea birds and gray whales, paralytic shellfish poisoning and a marine debris event.

This is the second Bering Science report, spring 2020 Bering Science was released in June. Bering Science is part of a broader project to increase sharing and use of federal and non-federal ocean data. Other activities include, ensuring that all existing Bering Sea region data are available in a central data portal; and coordinating research activities between scientists and agencies.