AOS conference statement released

The International Arctic Research Center is pleased to have been part of this year’s Arctic Observing Summit. AOS 2020’s Executive Organizing Committee, co-chaired by Hajo Eicken, recently released the Conference Statement. This statement summarizes the main conclusions and call to action from the the Summit which convened online, March 30-April 02.


  • Use SAON’s Roadmap for Arctic Observing and Data Systems process to identify Essential Arctic Variables and prioritized Shared Arctic Variables, identified by their importance to multiple information user groups and applications, where Arctic Indigenous collaboration is critical for the success of the process and outcome.
  • Enhance coordination of Arctic observations, including identification of gaps and integration with global observing systems, to better inform adaptation and policy responses.
  • Expand Arctic Observing efforts to reflect holistic Indigenous worldviews by directing funding to local and regional activities; increase engagement of Indigenous expertise in international work.
  • Work towards a broadly networked, collaborative, interoperable Arctic digital system based on a co-production model and ethical data principles (e.g., CARE).