August 9- Kirkenes

After an anticipated departure of Thursday evening (August 9) we were unable to leave due to the rainy weather that kept us from loading our equipment.

There are three pieces of equipment that are crucial for deploying the scientific moorings- the A-frame, winch and capstan. All three pieces are welded on to the helo (helicopter) deck before departure. This is a very long process and can take around 10 hours.

The ship has several machines to help haul heavy scientific equipment onto the deck. Today we loaded the A-frame, the winch, and the capstan.

The welders were not able to weld because of the inclement weather. When the welding is completed, the Captain must check the tides to determine when we can leave.

It will take two days to get to Arkhangelsk, Russia to clear customs and pick up the rest of the scientific teams from Germany.

We spent another night in Kirkenes but this time on the ship not at the hotel!




A view of Kirkenes from the hilltop.

A colorful view while walking around Kirkenes.

What a Beauty! The Akademik Tryoshnikov in the rain at 11:00 p.m. in Kirkenes!

The A-frame, capstan and winch are loaded and ready to be taken to the ship.

Yay! The A-frame was successfully placed on the helo deck! Now they can start welding. The whole process will take about six hours. And, then we can be off, maybe. That’s the way it goes on the ship!

My “office” on the ship.

The best office view ever! Working and looking out from the hangar waiting for the crane to arrive to lift the A-frame on to the helo (helicopter) deck.

Akademik Tryoshnikov’s life boat.