The UAF International Arctic Research Center (IARC) seeks a Communications Lead to direct and oversee an experienced, dynamic, dedicated communications team. Develop, manage, and execute IARC communications, public relations, marketing, public awareness, branding, and messaging activities. Directly support IARC and faculty work and work closely with IARC leadership to establish priorities and strategies for IARC communications. Build and oversee written products that translate science for use by various IARC audiences, including community members, university administration, organizations and agencies, governments, and others.

Direct and oversee the activities of the International Arctic Research Center (IARC) outreach/communications departments: Research, develop, and implement focused, timely and effective marketing and communication plans and campaigns for the IARC, including constituent partners (ACCAP, AKFSC, CSC, CIFAR, SNAP). Coordinate the efforts of multiple IARC departments to ensure synergy with UAF”s Marketing and Communications policies and plans. Advise executive management regarding communications issues (i.e. media interaction and crisis communication) and act as a liaison between IARC and other UAF units and administrators. Collaborate with outreach/research faculty on programs and activities to broaden the impacts of IARC research. Develop and preparation of grant proposals to support special communications projects and secure funding for them. Participate in strategic, long-term planning for the IARC as it relates to marketing, communication and outreach. Establish and maintain regular communication with IARC executive management and department heads to stay informed of current and planned organizational and research initiatives and ensure the UAF administration and the public are conversant with IARC research activities and services. Share in marketing the services of IARC facilities to other UAF units and to broader audiences in the state and union. Develop and implement processes and procedures for departments that produce high-quality communications products for local, statewide, national and international audiences.

Serve as the departmental resource for crisis communication and issues management: Stay current with UAF and institutional crisis communication policies and plans. Produce and/or review content of crisis communication materials and other sensitive items. Communicate to IARC executive management any sensitive issues that may impact the public perception of the IARC research and activities. Confer with UAF”s senior media relations personnel to provide proactive mitigation and response. Deploy prompt, appropriate action as needed. Expected to respond outside the traditional work day/week for crisis communication and/PR issues management. May be entrusted with sensitive and/or confidential information.

Direct and oversee management for all IARC communications: Assume accountability for department expenditures. Advise and assist IARC communications positions in carrying out daily activities. Ensure compliance with institutional and industry-related standards, policies and regulations. – Direct and deliver professional development events for the IARC and UAF. Advise and assist faculty and staff with editorial, copyright, and publishing needs. Oversee proofreading and editing of research proposals and publications. Coordinate proposal development with researchers, GI Proposal Office staff, the Office of Sponsored Programs, and IARC Business Office for accurate and timely submissions of research proposals. Direct editing of technical science research papers, abstracts, and other publications for IARC scientists, many of whom speak and write in English as a non-native language.

Other responsibilities associated with IARC communications: Act as creative/content director for moderate – to large – scale marketing and outreach initiatives. Coordinate departmental support for major outreach programs. Participate in the coordination and implementation of outreach activities and public events. Develop original content and produce materials for print, electronic and broadcast media. Serve on IARC and UAF committees and project teams to address outreach and communications issues. – Act as spokesperson for the International Arctic Research Center.

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